Cyndy Epps Fine Art


  1. Mural - Augusta Water Works, River Island Dock
    A Day at the Dock
    Augusta Water Works Mural on Wrightsboro Road in Augusta, GA. 11' x 33'
  2. Columbia middle School mascot mural - raiders
    Columbia Middle School Gym
    In Middle School Gym in Columbia County, GA. Approximately 12' x 18'
  3. Mural, wine bottle, vineyard, arched window
    Italian Vineyard Mural
    Private home. Approximately 36" x 48"
  4. school mascot mural - Cross Creek High School
    Cross Creek High School
    In High School Girls Locker Room - the mascot is the Lady Razorbacks. Approximately 11' x 7'
  5. Georgia Tech Mural, Ramblin' Wreck
    Ramblin' Wreck Mural
    Private home. Approximately 12' x 8'
  6. Georgia Tech Locker mural
    Georgia Tech Locker Mural
    Private home. Approximately 3' x 8'. The locker and everything in it is painted on the wall.
  7. hawk mural - window overloooking the grounds
    Falcon Mural
    Private home. Approximately 4' x 4'
  8. cat mural
    Cat Detail - Mural
    Private home. This a detail from a larger mural in a little girl's room. The cat is life-size.
  9. fountain mural, shop mural
    Street Scene Mural
    In a church foyer. The church envisioned the entire wall as a city street scene with storefronts corresponding to the rooms off the foyer.
  10. storefront mural, cat mural
    Street Scene Mural 2
    Scenes correspond with rooms - church office, men's shop (men's room), ladies' boutique (ladies' room), fountain (actual water fountain).
  11. storefront mural, toy store
    Street Scene Mural 3
    Toy shop (children's area).
  12. cafe mural
    Street Scene Mural 4
    Outdoor café (cafeteria area). The table and chairs in the front are real, the ones in the back are painted on the wall.
  13. Georgia Bull dog mural
    Bulldog Mural
    Private home. This is a detail from a larger mural. The bulldog is life-size.